Small Change, Big Impact

The newly reformed ECO Team led an assembly this week on the theme of Small Change, Big Impact. The message was to encourage each other to work collectively to make consistent small lifestyle changes to protect the environment. When we work as a group, even the smallest changes have a big impact and the responsibility for change is everyone’s, including young people.


To get the ball rolling, members of the team talked about the small changes they are already making; like walking instead if short car journeys, re-using  plastic bottles, cutting the loops on disposable face masks to stop wildlife getting caught up. And to encourage wider participation and awareness a poster competition was launched. Students have been asked to identify a small change and promote it in an artistic way on a piece of A4 paper. There are prizes for each senior year group and an overall prize. Madam Martin-Burns is not known for high levels of art skill but she set the scene with her suggestion about washing lines not tumble dryers. Let’s hope the students can do better!!


The deadline for the competition is 25thFebruary 2022.