Alumni Association

Alumni Association

The school is in the process of starting an Old Braesidians Alumni Association in order to keep in touch with ex pupils and staff on a more regular basis, and more information will be available soon.

Old Braesidians

Our Graduation Dinner is always held in late June and is a watershed moment when our pupils become Old Braesidians. An eagerly anticipated event, this is a formal opportunity for the girls leaving us to say farewell to each other and their teaching staff.

The School has served the needs of pupils in this area for the last 70 years and many of them still live in the area, in fact we nearly always have Old Braesidians as current Mothers and Grandmothers too!

They appreciate, and want for their daughters, a school which will support them to develop and which will provide them with strong friendships, a strong sense of community and a caring experience.

In recent times we have been delighted to welcome back Old Braesidians as our guest speakers at Speech Day.

In 2010 Christine Truman entertained a packed marquee with her memories of being at the School and her personal reflections on our founder Molly Wakefield who supported her as a talented tennis player when giving time off to pupils with talent was the norm.

A few summers ago the Director of Quest Training (formally Lucy Claytons) Mrs Jo Barnard was our main speaker at Speech Day. Jo spoke warmly of her time at the School and was able to re-kindle a friendship with a former classmate who was sitting in the audience as a parent. She shared how much she enjoyed working with Braeside pupils, post GCSE, who had moved on to Quest reflecting how responsive they were to advice. She has been able in the last few years to place many of them in top city companies where they have made rapid progress.

At one of our recent October Open Days the audience of prospective parents were captivated by an Old Braesidian who left us in 2009. Gabrielle Compton graduated in July 2014 before being admitted to Law School in London. She wants to become a QC eventually and her recognition of the part that Braeside had played in developing her confidence and oral skills was very persuasive to everyone in the hall. Gabrielle returned a few weeks later with Alexandra Hardy, who was also in her class and who chose to read Psychology, to lead a very informative question and answer session for our current pupils.

We are hoping to harness the skills of other Old Braesidians in the very near future as they continue to contribute to a wide range of professions both here and overseas.