Staff Forms

Claim Forms
Claim forms should be submitted at the end of each week so that they can then be authorised and forwarded to Head Office. Please note that the cut-off date for Head Office to receive any claim forms is the 20th of each month.

In the instance that the 20th falls within a half term or school holiday, please ensure that all claim forms have been submitted by the last day of term otherwise we cannot guarantee that they will be included in that month’s payroll.

Any forms received by Head Office after the 20th  or last day of term before a half term or school holiday will be added to the following month’s payroll instead.

Please click here for Staff Claim Forms.

Absence Forms
Please ensure that an absence form is completed for all periods of absence during your normal working hours detailing the reasons why as soon as possible.

Any absence without the completion and submission of the appropriate form will be unpaid and the employee will be seen as being ‘absent without leave’.

Please click here for Staff Absence Forms.

Change of Personal Details Form 

In the event of a change in personal details, please ensure you fill out the form below.

Please click here for Change of Personal Details Forms.