Early Years

Life in Early Years for 2½ to 5 year olds

The Early Years Foundation Stage at Braeside includes Kindergarten (2½-4 year olds) and Reception (4 to 5 year olds). Children can begin school from 2½ years, and are able to attend on a part-time or full-time basis during the Kindergarten Years. Lower Kindergarten pupils attend for a minimum of 3 sessions and Upper Kindergarten attend for a minimum of 5 morning sessions. School is full-time in Reception when children reach the age of 5.

All children flourish in our Early Years. They have excellent relationships with staff and often exceed their expected levels of progress. Braeside provides a happy and secure environment to learn and our pupils really enjoy their time at school.

The exciting curriculum is based around the seven Early Learning Goals, but is enriched with a wide range of other activities including Music, ICT and PE lessons; French and Drama workshops; assemblies, performances, trips and outings.

There is generous provision for the EYFS, with spacious classrooms and a dedicated outside learning area that enables learning to happen both inside and outside the classroom.

Each child has a dedicated Key Worker who is responsible for monitoring their progress and development, which is recorded in a portfolio which is available for you to see whenever you would like to.

Our EYFS Co-ordinator is responsible for leading the team of staff and planning the curriculum. Our strong team of experienced staff works closely with parents enabling them to be involved in their children’s learning.