Music and Drama at Juniors


In Years 3 to 6 the pupils apply and strengthen their knowledge of music theory through singing and music composition on various percussion instruments. As part of the weekly class lesson they learn to read music as they learn to play the descant recorder. Pupils listen to a variety of music from popular and traditional to world music, and develop a wide vocal repertoire singing as a soloist or in groups.

We offer professional tuition in piano, violin, flute, guitar and clarinet individually and in groups, and encourage formal graded exams. The school choir rehearses each week where vocal techniques and extra repertoire is taught and members learn to sing in harmony.


Years 3 to 6 focus on the exploration of the different Drama techniques such as hot seating, freeze frames, an introduction to using props and improvisation. Pupils work in a variety of groups and can act out scripts using stage directions and character information. Pupils are assessed throughout their rehearsal process and for any performances. They are given a National Curriculum level and are able to articulate their reasons why they did or didn’t like a performance.

Performance Opportunities

We give our pupils numerous opportunities to perform in front of small and large audiences for Music and/or Drama. These include the annual school productions, Festival events and community performances. Parents are often invited to watch their children perform.


Development is measured through termly tests, written work and verbal questioning. If a pupil feels unsure or confused, strategies are put in place to help the pupil and make them feel comfortable within the environment and the work provided.