GCSE Subjects

We always advise pupils to continue with at least one humanity and a modern foreign language as these may prove to be critical for some University course choices.

Pupils identified during Key Stage 3 as having appropriate ability will be advised to take single entry sciences in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. At the same time others’ needs will be best served by completing the Core and Additional Science route.

Many pupils at this stage have yet to decide about educational or career pathways and so it is important to preserve a broad subject approach.

One period a week is devoted to PHSCEE which allow pupils to extend their personal development, look at careers and understand political and economic aspects of life.

Please find on this page a link to our GCSE Subjects Options Booklet that is revised annually and issued to Year 9 pupils in the Spring term.

The booklet contains full details of the core GCSE subjects and the optional subjects available to pupils and from which they have to make their choices.