Music and Drama at Infants


The purpose of music in Years 1 and 2 is to encourage a joy in singing and expressing themselves through music making. The pupils extend their song repertoire, create their own songs individually and in groups and learn to identify and play percussion instruments. Performance is a big part of music making at Braeside, both informally and formally, and is encouraged during weekly lessons. Pupils learn basic notation in preparation for the Junior music curriculum.


The curriculum in Years 1 and 2 focuses on the basics of Drama and learning how to create and understand different facial expressions and body language. Pupils take on different characters and are able to respond to others within a performance. Activities include role play, storytelling, improvisation, masks, dance, musical theatre and an introduction to scripts. Pupils are assessed throughout their rehearsals and for any performances. They are able to say what they like about a performance and give reasons for how they could improve.

Performance Opportunities

We give our pupils regular opportunities to perform in front of audiences from the annual productions to festival events and community performances. Parents are often invited to see their children perform.


Development is measured through regular assessments, written work and verbal questioning. If a pupil feels unsure or confused, strategies are put in place to help the pupil and make them feel comfortable within the environment and the work provided.