House System

Pupils from the age of five are placed in one of four houses whose names reflect historically eminent women.

  • Bronte (Red)
  • Fry (White)
  • Mason (Blue)
  • Nightingale (Yellow)

If families have had any previous connections with the school then pupils are placed reflecting this enduring relationship. The House system gives strength and purpose to a range of activities within the school including sports, drama, music and debating.

In the Seniors the House system is an integral part of our school day with House members coming together for registration twice a week. This allows the development of strong relationships amongst pupils of different ages and reinforces the sense of community in our small school.

House Officers are drawn from Year 11 pupils and are responsible for the organisation of a number of competitive inter-house events during the year. Each House member contributes through their effort and conduct to the awarding of cups and prizes during the year.