Early Years School Life

Kindergarten and Reception

Our young Braesidians are given a named Key Worker who is responsible for observing and developing their learning within the Early Years. The Key Worker is the first point of contact for parents to discuss all aspects of their child’s development.

Entry at 3+ in Kindergarten

We normally accept around 15 children into Kindergarten at varying points in the academic year. Although we expect our Kindergarten children to attend for 5 full days, there is the more flexible option for mornings only while they adjust and settle in.

The young children enjoy a varied programme of both indoors and outdoors activities and experience a balance of learning through play and more formal work. They benefit from dedicated Music, ICT and PE lessons that support their physical development and we monitor their gross motor skills and fine motor skills as they develop in the classroom.

Entry at 4+ Reception

Our Kindergarten children move seamlessly into Reception at the age of 4 and are joined by new friends who come either from local nurseries or who start a formal education for the first time.

Everyone quickly becomes familiar with the routines of daily school life and our Reception pupils are eager and enthusiastic learners. We encourage responsibility with children taking it in turns to be Monitors for the day. Reception pupils help to prepare a healthy snack that includes fruit and vegetables with milk or water.

The children enjoy learning to read and practice their phonics either individually with their Key Workers or in small groups.  Pencil control, letter formation and Mathematics all form part of the children’s development.

Daily Routine

Children arrive between 8.20am and 8.45am to give their parents and carers the opportunity to speak to their Key Worker. The children can enter their classroom from 8.30am and the register is taken at 8.45am, followed by discussions during circle time and the engaging Wake and Shake routine.

A lesson with one of our specialist teachers may follow before a healthy snack break and an opportunity to play outside in the Early Years garden. A focused activity may follow such as mark making, model making or number work followed by stories and songs.

After lunch there is time to play in the Early Years garden with the sand, water and apparatus before afternoon registration. We encourage the children to choose their afternoon activities to help them to develop their own interests including role play and small world time. Dressing up is always a popular activity and children sometimes listen to classical music or experiment with a range of art activities.

Those staying for Tea Time Club transfer to the care of the After School Team at the end of the day.

Pastoral Care

We work closely with parents and those caring for our pupils. Seeing them every day as part of the dropping off and picking up routine give us opportunities to chat and share information. We build positive relationships with our parents who support us by informing us of their child’s ‘WOW’ moments.

Our EYFS team is approachable and willing to support parents with general advice about their daughter’s education and developmental milestones.