ICT at Seniors

Braeside has two fully-equipped ICT suites with the latest computers and peripherals. The Fibre Optic internet connection allows for speedy surfing. We also have a set of iPad that can be used in the classroom to further learning opportunities. All pupils are timetabled to use the ICT suite to develop their computer skills and cross-curricular links.

Our curriculum in Years 7 to 11 is aimed at giving our students the best possible range of skills that are required for A Level and the world of work. Our pupils are exposed to a variety of different programmes that enable them to get a taste for different areas ICT. Some of the activities include:

  • Internet safety – understand and apply principles
  • Work with data modelling with real life problem scenarios
  • Explore fundamentals of input storage and output devices
  • Design a working database to help with given scenarios
  • Design and create documents using presentation software
  • Using sequencing to write programmes/instructions to control things in a predictable way
  • Research the latest trends in the current technology market
  • Web design including new technologies