Junior Music Project

The Juniors have been working hard at home taking part in a music project. They have been writing an composing their own music all with a similar theme!

Year 9 Form Time Tasks

Despite working from home, pupils have still taken part in form time which they have all enjoyed. Year 9 were set various tasks during this time. The tasks were: Write a letter to your grandparents – Ayra and daisy did this well. Write a short poem about ‘Staying at home’…

Year 5 Worry Dolls

Year 5 have been looking into worry dolls during their art lessons. Worry dolls are handmade dolls, most often made in Guatemala from wire, wool and small pieces of fabric. The dolls are often tiny, though Western versions can be much larger. Traditionally, the dolls are given to children to…

Notan Inspired Paper Collages

Year 8 have been looking at Notan art. Notan is a Japanese term that describes the balance between light and dark.  Students have explored contrasting coloured paper to explore their abstract ideas of negative and positive, and have created some great artwork. Well done!

LAMDA Results

We are very pleased to announced that last week we received the result of the LAMDA exams that many of our pupils took back in March. The exams were in a mixture of subjects and grades including ‘Speaking in Public’ and ‘Speaking in Verse and Prose’. Overall we had 14…

Dialogical Marking and Feedback in Languages

To ensure pupils are still able to write and receive appropriate feedback in languages, Ms Hucbourg is asking pupils to post their writings on an application called Padlet. The application is completely secure as only those with the link can access it and the content is moderated. Thanks to the…

Year 8 French Weather Posters

“Year 8 have risen to the challenge of distance learning in French and I have been impressed by their participation and attitude to independent learning. It has been very rewarding to see their online submissions for independent home learning tasks. Their participation to games and competitions in our zoom lessons…

Celebrating VE Day from Home

Our pupils had fun, baking, painting, and poster making for VE Day this year. Although we couldn’t celebrate as we planned, it looks like everyone had a lovely day.

Imaginative Abstract Art

Year 7 have been building on their knowledge of using tone, line and texture to create imaginative abstract art.  They showed great control and use of shape and pencil pressures.  Well done, Year 7!