Year 9 Art

Year 9 have enjoyed producing these great observational studies of everyday objects. Their next step will be to explore the work of The Surrealist painters who give objects meaning. Well done Year 9!

Making Bread In Reception

Reception had lots of fun making bread in class. The girls did an excellent job of kneading the dough and then really enjoyed eating it for an afternoon snack! Great work Reception.

St John’s Church Visit

At the end of September, Year 2 and 3 took a visit to St John’s Church. Due to current circumstances, the church wasn’t open so pupils looked at all the features of the outside of the church and what is typically found in a churchyard. The pupils learnt about towers…

Ayla’s Work For HOPE

Year 11 pupil, Ayla, was hard at work during the lockdown period and was appointed as the HR Director for a children’s company called HOPE. She has been working alongside other young people who have developed an educational App for teachers made by children. The story was even covered by…

Harvest Performance 2020

Despite not having an audience this year, our Junior pupils performed their Harvest songs perfectly! Our year group bubbles had been working really hard to learn their Harvest song and dance moves, and also the School Lockdown Song, which was written by our music teacher Mrs Lloyd-Morris. Well done everyone!…

Year 3 and 4 Egyptian Necklaces

Year 3 and 4 have been exploring The Egyptians. After a class discussion about what the necklaces would have been made from and who wore them and why, they made their own designs. They used a range of materials and thought about how to combine and use colours and symmetry….

European Day Of Languages 2020

To celebrate European Day of Languages, Braeside held a house / form competition. Students had to listen to song extracts in different languages and guess the correct language for each song. Congratulations to Bronte House and Year 11 form who won the competition. Year 10 came in second place. Well…

Year 8 Animal Farm Speeches

Year 8 took part in a group speech presentation based on George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm. Each group took the persona of either Snowball or Napoleon and stated why the farm should vote for them and whether they were for or against the building of the windmill, which is a…