Christmas Carol Service 2018

The annual Christmas Carol Service is always a popular event in the school calendar, and this year definitely lived up to expectation. The pupils sang beautifully, and entertained the large crowd of friends and family with a number of Christmas songs including ‘Mary had a Baby’, ‘Midnight’, and ‘Silent Night’….


We were treated to a wonderful performance by our Infant and Early Years pupils last Friday as they told us the story of Babushka.  Babushka is a story that is often told in Russia at this time of year, it tells the tale of an elderly woman who is visited…

A Delicious Christmas Dinner at Braeside

Last Thursday pupils eagerly tucked into their delicious Christmas lunch. It was a very festive affair with everyone getting into the Christmas spirit, donning their cracker hats and telling jokes.  Everyone cleaned their plates it was so good!

Year 7’s Christmas Decorations

In Art, Year 7 have made some gorgeous needle-felt Christmas decorations.  The idea is to create a ‘Keep me’ decoration that can be brought out every year to be loved and admired.  The class really enjoyed making robins, snowmen, gingerbread men and Father Christmas himself.  Well done everyone!

Year 10 Investigate Photosynthesis

Year 10 have completed their 6th required practical: “Investigating the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis”. Year 10 have been looking at the rate of photosynthesis when a light source is moved closer or further away from a plant. The class found that when the light source…

Fuzzy Felted Snowmen

Year 6 have produced these lovely needle felt snowmen.  They used a range of materials and techniques to produce these cute little characters that will site quite comfortably on the mantelpiece and watch all the fun and chaos that Christmas brings! Well done to everyone.

Carbon Cycle Role Plays

Year 11 have been looking at materials cycling in nature. As part of their lesson on the carbon cycle they created models and acted out the carbon cycle using props. It was a lot of fun to see how each team could make their presentation different from the rest and…