Gardening Club Grow Tomatoes

On Monday afternoon, Gardening Club were planting tomatoes. We planted half a tomato each into our pots, hoping that the seeds inside will start to grow. We will be keeping our pots inside and in little, plastic bag greenhouses, to keep them warm over winter. We are hoping that we…

Year 7 at the Nuclear High Ropes

Year 7 had an exciting Monday morning at Nuclear High Ropes! They encouraged each other to over come fears and supported one another to complete challenging obstacles. Rosie said she ‘felt powerful after completing the zip wire’. It was an excellent trip and nobody wanted to leave!

A Fun Week In Kindergarten

Kindergarten have had a week full of fun! They’ve taken part in activities such as singalong, story time, PE and painting. The children are always excited to try out new things and we love seeing them all work so well with each other.

Jeans for Genes Day 2021

The Braeside Charity Committee decided again this year that our half termly charity event would raise money for Jeans for Genes. Pupils and staff made a donation to be able to wear jeans, denim items and other casual wear for the day. We will keep you updated with our overall…

Year 8 Experimental Drawing

Year 8 had a fantastic time in Art this week experimenting with timed drawing exercises.  Students were asked to look only at their subject and not take their drawing implement off of the paper.  Students found this hilarious but valued the time they were spending building confidence with their observational…

The Start of the Transition to Cooeducation

Braeside School is this week celebrating the beginning of its first term as a coeducational school, with the first few boys joining our younger children in Kindergarten and Reception. They have already fit in wonderfully with our currently pupils, and have enjoyed taking part in games, class activities and more.

New Year 10 GCSE Classes

Our Year 10 Religious Studies GCSE Class has been working so hard during the first week of the academic year. They have enjoyed getting back into the classroom and this week were discussing some very interesting questions and topics, such as the nature of God and whether God can exist…