Year 7 Create Amazing Circus Compositions

Year 7 have produced these fantastic Circus compositions.  We have been exploring perspective, scale to create drama and looking at the artist Toulouse Lautrec.  Toulouse was fascinated with the vibrant colours of Japanese woodcuts and loved to capture ‘snap shots’ of life.

Year Six Science Lab Lesson

Year Six lesson in the Lab was a little taster of senior school life. Madam Martin-Burns showed us how to light a Bunsen burner safely, carry out a chromatography experiment and use a microscope. We had great fun!

Kindergarten Have Fun In The Sun

Kindergarten have been having fun in the sun, playing in the outdoor area, practising their ball skills and doing some yoga over the last few weeks. We’re so glad they got to make the most of the warm weather before the return of the rain!

Year 9 Clay Cupcakes Look Good Enough To Eat!

Year 9 have been exploring the medium of clay to produce these fun cupcakes.  We started by looking at three-dimensional artists like Peter Anton and Claes Oldenburg.  These artist were inspired by ‘Pop Art’ and popular culture meaning they wanted to produce art that ‘ordinary’ people could relate to.  Well…

Year 11 Leavers Assembly

Year 11 had their leavers assembly this morning. Sadly, the rain and restrictions meant that only year 10 could attend as it was indoors. The band played 3 beautiful songs for them, kindergarten children played some instruments to say goodbye and they said farewell to their teachers and friends. Year…

Year 8 Pencil Portraits

Year 8 have created these amazing pencil portraits.  We firstly explored facial proportions and scale and then went on to investigate three-dimensional form and surface textures with a range of pencil grades to achieve these great portraits. Great work girls!

Year 11’s Final Fish Friday Feast!

Year 11s final fish and chip Friday. Steve (chef) created a special dessert presented on their very own table before they went on their adventure golf trip. World Oceans Day- Chartwell’s have created a fish feast for pupils today which is in addition to the delicious fish and chips they…