School Council and Prefects

The School has a flourishing School Council that meets regularly with the Headmistress to discuss ways to improve school life further. This develops leadership skills and opportunities for self-expression and public speaking.

House Captains and Prefects are trusted, loyal members of our school. This extra responsibility nurtures their leadership skills and helps with their transition into adulthood.


House Captains

Head Girl Isobel
Head of Bronte Amelia
Head of Nightingale Elicia
Head of Mason Amna
Head of Fry Gabriella
Senior Prefects Karishma

School Council Members

Year 6 Lauren and Maia
Year 7 Chloe and Emilie
Year 8 Alisha and Kiera
Year 9 Mackenzie and Amaarah
Year 10 Madina and Laila
Year 11 Aneela and Raya

Junior School Council Members

Year 1 Amelia and Daisy
Year 2 Zahra and Matilda
Year 3 Emilia and Anissa
Year 4 Zahra and Safiya
Year 5  Elizabeth and Macey

Junior Green Team Members

Reception Francesca
Year 1 Poppy
Year 2 Daisy-Mae and Constantina
Year 3 Riana
Year 4 Alexis
Year 5 Lily