Reshaping Braeside FAQs

Reshaping Braeside FAQs

What will it mean for the children?

We are aiming to create an environment that will have a positive impact on the quality of education that children receive. On a day-to-day basis there will be no change in routine or provision in either school for any pupil.

What will this mean for class sizes?

Some of our classes have 16 children and others have 12, 8 or slightly fewer. Over time we aim for all classes to have between 10 and 16 children, which are far fewer than other local independent schools.

I see you have a shared Year 1 and 2 class – why is this?

Schools the size of Braeside often have one or two much smaller classes lower down in the school from time to time. We anticipate much smaller Year 1 and 2 classes in September and so will be merging the two classes together to give the children a far better learning experience. The trend is for classes to grow as they move through the school, and we expect this to happen over the next few years. We will be writing separately to the parents in next year’s Year 1 and 2.

Will the extra-curriculum provision increase?

We anticipate the extra-curricular provision increasing over time as there will be more pupils on the site and greater opportunity to open clubs to a wider range of children. Breakfast Club will continue to start at 7.30am for all pupils and After School Club will continue to run until 6pm for junior pupils.

What will it mean for my child being part of a larger school?

On a day-to-day basis, very little will change. The differing needs of each age group will continue to be met. The care and importance given to each individual child, which is a strength of both sites, will always remain paramount. Over time, all children will be able to benefit from the larger specialist facilities on the Main Site and the specialist teachers.

What will it mean for the staff?

Again, very little on a day-to-day basis. Apart from being on the Main Site for all lessons and activities, staff conditions of service will not be affected. All staff employed at the juniors and seniors will automatically continue their employment at Braeside.

Will there be any changes to the school building?

The Main Site is largely underused and there is more than enough space to accommodate the junior classes. There will be a minor reorganisation of rooms over the summer break, with some minor developments and the redecoration of many areas. Other than this, the Main Site will remain largely the same with all the existing premises being used in the most appropriate and effective way.

Will there be any staffing changes?

All Braeside staff will continue to be employed as they are now. Already there are many members of staff, including for PE/Games, Music, Art and Computing who teach both junior and senior pupils. We will be aiming for more of our junior classes to benefit from the specialist teachers who are already at the Main Site.

What about the start and end of the school day?

The timings will remain the same as they are now so that we can stagger arrival and departure times. This will also help with lunches and playtimes.

Will this help parking?

It is already difficult to park near the junior site on Palmerston Road, and this will get worse over the coming months as the council increases the parking restrictions in Westbury Lane and on the surrounding roads. The position is much better at the Main Site as the majority of our senior pupils are old enough to make their own way to and from the school. There are plenty of spaces in the surrounding roads and we plan to operate a ‘drop and go’ system using our front driveway and one of our caretakers in the mornings and for picking up after clubs