Entrance Exam

11+ Exam – Friday 29 January 2021

Following the decision to close all schools, we are currently reviewing the arrangements for our main entrance exam for entry into the Seniors at Year 7, that were due to take place on Monday 19 January. We are committed to run our admissions process in a way that not only provides all applicants with a chance to be fairly assessed during these difficult circumstances, but also prioritises the safety of both pupils and staff.

If you have already registered your child to sit the 11+ test, the process has now been pushed back to Friday 29 January 2021. Please wait for updates when arrangements have been finalised. If you wish to register, please fill out the registration form below and await further information.

Please fill out the 11+ Registration Form here. 

13+ Exam (and additional 11+) – Wednesday 10 March 2021

Please fill out the 13+ Registration Form here. 

7+ Entrance Examinations
This is by individual assessment and interview with the parents and pupil.

11+ Entrance Examinations
The main Entrance Examination for entry into the Seniors at Year 7 will be held in January. This is followed by an interview with the Headmistress for each applicant and their parents. Results will be posted to families in the February half term break.

13+ Entrance Examinations
The  main Entrance Examination for entry into Seniors at Year 9 will be held in March.
There will also be an opportunity to take the 11+ Entrance Examination on this date for entrants unable to attend the main date in January.

Part-Scholarships are available in Academic, Sports, Performing Art, and Music/Creative Arts, please call for details.

Any external candidates (girls) who sit either the 11+ or 13+ Examinations can be considered for both Braeside and Normanhurst Schools.

We occasionally have a small number of additional places mid-term.

Please contact the Admissions Registrars for more information.