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Anoushka’s Art Coursework

Anoushka has been exploring the idea of concealment for her unit 2 art coursework and wanted to focus on climate change, pollution and the effects of war.  Anoushka has worked on a large scale and experimented with a range of media including Ink, Collage and Acrylic Paint.  Fantastic work, Anoushka….

Year 10 Refugee Poems

In PHSE, in the context of refugee week, Year 10 explored how empathy and sharing other people’s stories can help understand those with very different circumstances. In a particular activity, pupils were asked to imagine they were a refugee girl from Syria having just landed in Greece and to describe…

Virtual Tour

Enjoy an insight into life at Braeside School with the help of our virtual tour, showcasing some of the main areas of building and grounds. Use the mouse to navigate the 360 images, and use the points of interest for further information.

Year 8 Explore Abstract Artists

Year 8 have been exploring the work of Abstract artists Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.  These artists were inspired by landscapes and nature and wanted to portray the idea of holding a beautiful thought using shapes and natural curves.  Well done year 8.

Reception And Year 1 Lighthouses

Reception and Year 1 have been learning about the seaside in the U.K. and as part of their work have been reading ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ story. They made their own version of Mr Grinling’s lighthouse using papier-mache and a tea light so that they light up when it is…

Kindergarten Lessons

Kindergarten are currently split into two different bubbles but are all having lots of fun outside and in the classroom. Each pupil has her own tray with different resources to use each day.  One group got very creative making different items with playdough whilst the other group had great fun…

Welcoming Year 10 Back to School

We were very pleased to welcome our Year 10 pupils back to the school today. The classrooms have been arranged to accommodate the pupils with social distancing in place. Although the classrooms may be a little different from what Year 10 are used to, they were all very pleased to…

Drama Set Designs

For their drama homework, pupils have been creating set and costume designs. The designs were fantastic,  including the set and costume designs for Kate and Petruchio in Taming of the Shrew. So much detail and effort has been put into these designs, well done!