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Kindergarten Lessons

Kindergarten are currently split into two different bubbles but are all having lots of fun outside and in the classroom. Each pupil has her own tray with different resources to use each day.  One group got very creative making different items with playdough whilst the other group had great fun…

Welcoming Year 10 Back to School

We were very pleased to welcome our Year 10 pupils back to the school today. The classrooms have been arranged to accommodate the pupils with social distancing in place. Although the classrooms may be a little different from what Year 10 are used to, they were all very pleased to…

Drama Set Designs

For their drama homework, pupils have been creating set and costume designs. The designs were fantastic,  including the set and costume designs for Kate and Petruchio in Taming of the Shrew. So much detail and effort has been put into these designs, well done!

Year 10 Poetry Revision

Year 10 pupils, Nikki and Riya, have made some fantastic revision posters for their Power and Conflict poetry topic in English. Great work girls, well done!

Year 8 DNA

Year 8 have been studying DNA  as part of the topic of inheritance and evolution. They have been making posters and models of DNA and investigating the structure of the DNA molecule and how it relates to genes and chromosomes. Well done Year 8!

Biomedical Science Day Posters

In preparation for Biomedical Science Day, Year 5 pupils created these incredible posters to help tell people about biomedical science and why we need to be particularly grateful to the scientists at this current time. Mrs Wood sent the posters to the Institute of Biomedical Science, thanking them all for…

Year 9 Art

Year 9 have been exploring basic drawing and mark making skills to prepare themselves for GCSE studies. They have been exploring how to use textures and marks and colour theory to create form and three-dimensional form. The artwork produced has been so detailed, well done girls!

Year 7 Still Life Drawings

Year 7 have been practising their still-life drawing.  They started by looking at basic shapes and then adding surface quality textures like hatching and gradation of tone to create three-dimensional form. The artwork produced was great, well done Year 7!