Exciting Kitchen Plans!

We’re very excited at Braeside that it has been announced that building work will be starting tomorrow on the kitchen project at the senior site.

Over the course of the next two months the area previously used as a Studio will be extended and transformed into a suite of commercial kitchens with a servery opening into the School Hall.

The Oak-Tree Group uses Chartwells, one of the largest providers of food for independent schools. All food is freshly prepared each morning, fruit and vegetables are sourced locally and meat comes from an award-winning London butcher that is part of the Red Tractor scheme.  We will publish menus towards the end of this term.

Food will be prepared on the senior site and transported daily to the junior site by the Chartwells team.  The new servery in the junior hall will be equipped with commercial equipment and we have created a separate entrance to help with the transportation.

Please see plans below of what we are aiming to achieve!

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