Epping Forest District Museum History Workshops

On Tuesday 18 October, Catherine Hammond, from The Epping Forest District Museum, came in to Braeside School to run two interactive workshops with the pupils. Year 6 were treated to an informative session involving Victorian artefacts, ranging from household objects through to Victorian schooldays. The pupils were able to handle the artefacts in small groups, and prepare short presentations on them for their peers. This session was much enjoyed by the Year 6 pupils, and it helped to underpin aspects of their Autumn Term History curriculum.

Year 7 were enthusiastic participants in the session which focused on the life of a middle-class Tudor tailor, and his wife, who actually lived in the residence which currently houses The Epping Forest District Museum!  The girls handled some of the Tudor artefacts, which were discovered in the Sun Street house, such as eating and drinking utensils, learning about their daily uses. In addition, several of the pupils were able to dress up in the costumes of the time, as befitted the status of a tailor, and his wife. Once again, The Tudor curriculum, as studied by pupils in Year 7, across the academic year, was enriched by this most informative and enjoyable session.