WE Day Celebrations

On Wednesday 22 March, all four Oak Tree Schools attended the WE Day Celebration held at Wembley Arena. All schools travelled together and celebrated the efforts of the pupils who are charity representatives working as a team to raise money and volunteer their time. The pupils listened to inspirational speakers such as Kate Winslet, Jessie J, Margaret Trudeau, CEOs of Boots and Virgin Atlantic – speaking on issues of mental health, the environment, physical well-being and body image. There were also musical performances by The Vamps, Connor Maynard, Jessie J and Fleur East.

The stage was filled with young people who had made a change in their local community and they spoke about how and why they decided to stand up and make the change to help others. It was great to see pupils from all four schools mixing and talking about how they had been inspired to take their role on the charity committee further. It was also amazing to see pupils from all four schools dancing and celebrating!