Chartwells Cook Off Event

Yesterday morning Fay Yeng from Chartwells transformed the hall into a studio style cooking area! Year 6 to Year 9 pupils poured into the hall to learn more about food groups and healthy eating.

Fay discussed the main food groups and guided the pupils to break all food down in the four food groups; carbohydrates, protein, fruits and vegetables and diary and discussed their nutritional values.

It was then time for the cook off between the two teams.  There was a Red Team which cooked with fish and the Green team which cooked a vegetarian dish. There was one teacher and two pupils in each team. The Red Team had to cook Thai Fishcakes and 5 spiced noodles and the Green Team cauliflower and chickpea curry with spiced couscous.

The two teams had only 15 minutes to cook their meals.  While the clock was ticking, Fay called groups of pupils up to inspect their preparation and cooking skills. It was an exciting time, with the teams racing against the clock!

The 15 minutes flew passed and in the last few seconds both teams had to dish up their meals and display on the table. After a taster session of both meals the crowd and staff decided that the Red Team cooked the tastiest meal.  A big thanks to Chartwells for such a fun and informative morning!