Year 8 Debate

Year 8 have been studying debating this term.  They have learnt about The Cambridge Union Society debating system and seen some examples of debates, both school students and adults.  They chose titles for their own proposals for debate.  These were:  This house believes that sugar free food and drink is harmful for the nation,  This house believes that all testing on animals should be stopped,  This house believes that the age of responsibility should be raised, This house believes that deforestation should stop and This house believes that school lunches should be free for all students in all schools.  Many of these were very challenging, both to propose and oppose.  The pupils spent time in the IT room researching and all students spent homework time preparing their presentation.

The debate was set out formally and Points of Information had to be made, most accepted and all answered.  This was no easy thing to do but Year 8 rose to the occasion and we had some excellent debates with every student being awarded a top grade for research, language, audibility and presentation. Well done year 8.