Year 6 and 7 Science Museum Trip

Year 6 and 7 enjoyed a maths trip to the Science Museum on Wednesday 24 May, the sunny weather helped to make it such an enjoyable trip. Throughout the day they took part in many activities including: a show on ‘Forces’; a ride on a flight simulator; a visit to the museum’s fantastic new, hands-on Wonderlab gallery; a Maths quiz in the specialist Winton mathematics gallery and a trip to the milkshake bar!

This is what Olivia Brown, Year 6, had to say about the trip:

“When we got on the train, I felt a tingle of excitement because we were on our way to one of the best trips ever! On the train, everyone got out their snacks and started eating them with excitement. We got off at Mile End station to change for the District line. We got on our second train and then sped off to South Kensington.

When we arrived we had a short walk to the Science Museum. We walked inside and had a snack. Then we went into the Wonderlab Theatre to watch a show all about rockets. The man who was explaining the rockets to us went over Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion. He did an experiment for each law. My friend Emilie and I took part in the experiment for the third law. Emilie and I had to be a rocket. I had to put my hands in front of me so I looked like the front of a rocket. We were on chairs and we had to act out a rocket separating from the back and front.

My favourite parts of the trip were the Wonderlab, the flight simulators and the milkshake bar!”