A Visit to Dickens’ House

On Thursday 14 September Year 10 visited The Dickens’ House and Museum for a tour and workshop about ‘A Christmas Carol’ which they are studying for GCSE. It was lovely to see where the great writer lived and also to see manuscripts written in his hand. The pupils discovered a lot about Dickens himself, his interests and passions which has allowed them to gain a better understanding of the book.

The workshop challenged them to find out facts about what Dickens did and his feelings about poverty, education, workhouses, the armed forces, prisons and healthcare. Pupils answered the questions they were asked with confidence and read aloud very well. It was a lovely day so  pupils were able to enjoy lunch in the gardens. The day ended in an excellent fashion when, thanks to the traffic flowing nicely and a brilliant mini-bus driver, everyone arrived back at Braeside at 3.40 precisely.