An Action-Packed Trip to Epping Forest

Year 1 have recently been on a very exciting trip to Epping Forest. The weather is getting colder but everyone made sure to wrap up warm in their coats, gloves and hat before setting off. The children were involved in two sessions. The first was a mapping the seasons session where they had to find as many signs of Autumn that they could. It was great fun identifying the different coloured leaves on the colour wheel and getting a better understanding of the tree cycle. Everyone was shocked to see some bright green parakeets, a woodpecker’s home and lots of creepy crawlies!

The second part of the trip was all about the Stone Age. Year 1 worked very hard to build some impressive shelters out of sticks that they could hide in, and shaped and decorated their very own clay bowls.

It was a lovely learning opportunity out of the classroom, and a great way to make use of the environment right on the school’s doorstep.