D of E Practice Expedition

On Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 May 2018, the Year 10 DofE participants from Braeside School and Normanhurst School worked tirelessly over two days learning camp craft and first aid, orienteering, and developing team skills.

On the first day participants arrived feeling excited and ready to develop their skills further.  After a quick check on how well pupils had packed their bags, and some re-training on map reading skills, they began putting their knowledge into practice by wandering into Epping Forest with their expedition trainer.

By the afternoon the heavy rain started and continued through to the evening, yet despite the wet conditions pupils kept their spirits high whilst making their last journey back to the camp site, putting their tents up, and cooking and clearing their equipment before bedtime.

The following morning the sun was out and participants were up early packing their tents away and preparing their route cards before setting off in their groups without their expedition trainer for the first time! In the end, all pupils were eventually able to make their way back with a better understanding of what makes a successful expedition, in preparation for their qualifying expedition assessment on the 16 and 17 June.

Good luck to all participants and remember to stay on the path, use your compass, work as a team and keep your spirits high!