GCSE Science Experiments

Year 10: Displacement reactions using magnesium, zinc, iron and copper-  Using a white dimple tray, pupils could see clearly the reactions of the different metals with different salt solutions.  They then moved on to writing out the symbol equations and finally the ionic half equations. It was a really pretty and interesting way to investigate the reactivity series. Year 10 then used their observations to create their own reactivity series of metals.

Year 11:  Biology Required Practical 8-  Investigating the effect of light and gravity on the growth of newly germinated seedlings: It was very interesting to see newly germinated seeds growing. The most interesting point was watching how the seeds grew upwards away from gravity and the roots grow down towards gravity.  Year 11 now know this is to do with a hormone called Auxin!

Year 10:  Biology Required Practical 2-  Investigating the effect of antiseptics on bacterial growth: Pupils used known household antiseptics and disinfectants to measure their affects on a lawn of bacteria growing on an agar plate. It was a very interesting and engaging lesson.