Year 9 and 10 Historians Trip to IWM

Year 9 and 10 History pupils visited the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth on Monday. Pupils in Year 9 have been exploring different aspects of The Great War – from conditions at home to conditions on the front line. They travelled by tube to Lambeth North and arrived to the enormous tank on the front lawn. Pupils were shown around the WW1 gallery – there were uniforms, letters from soldiers, a mock trench with periscopes and dug outs, examples of rationing, a gallery of weapons and films and accounts of men and women at war.

The pupils were then taken to the learning base where they had a ‘FaceTime’ message from a historian giving them a brief of what they had to look for in the gallery. They were given mobile recording devices and press passes and made a documentary on different aspects of war. The films will be available for IWM to use and for pupils and parents to view. Everyone had a great time.