Our Eco Team Make a Difference

A huge thank-you to Sarah, Iman, Elizabeth, Phoebe, Maddie, Daisy, Grace, Ellie and MacKenzie. As members of our enthusiastic Eco-team, they kindly volunteered to carry out a litter picking event around the school grounds during their break time. In the interests of appreciating our tranquil school environment, they wanted to send out a message to their fellow pupils that it can be fun to clean up our litter and keep our beautiful garden tidy.

As a school community we appreciate that we are particularly blessed with beautiful buildings and gardens. The main building was built in the 1860s when it was known as Ellersie and Ms Wakefield bought it in 1950 when she opened it up as a school building. We are sure the whole school community appreciates this initiative led by the Eco team!