Fun Maths Activities

Year 8 &  9 pupils worked in pairs to order decimals on a grid, in ascending order, both horizontally and vertically. They were given a square grid and a list of decimals. They competed in pairs at three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  The grids were progressively larger as they moved from Bronze to Gold, with more complicated numbers, including negative numbers, at Gold level. Interesting conversations took place about place value which helped the girls move forward. Mistakes were highlighted and the girls reviewed and moved the position of their numbers to complete the activity. The puzzles had multiple solutions, fantastic work girls, well done!

Year 11 pupils competed in this interactive matching activity which tested their knowledge and understanding of trigonometry. They were given triangles with missing sides and angles and had to match these with the correct formulae. The girls had to discuss and choose the correct trigonometric ratio; SOH CAH TOA and rearrange the formulae correctly. Along the way, key misconceptions were identified and hopefully resolved. Great teamwork with excellent discussions girls, well done!