Virtual Comic Drawing Workshop

Year 7, 8 and 9 participated in an online workshop led by French illustrator Claire Fauvel, author of the comic book ‘La Guerre de Catherine’ (Catherine’s War), after the novel by Julia Billet. Students were introduced to the novel, based on a true story, relating the fate of Jewish children in Nazi occupied France. During the workshop, Claire Fauvel demonstrated how to create a comic strip from sketching to deciding on shots and fine lining and colouring. Braeside students displayed outstanding behaviour and engagement and it was impressive to see their progress in the course of an hour!

‘Learning how to draw different characters and frames of a comic was an amazing experience. Claire was such a lovely person and I appreciate the time she wanted to spend with us. I sure learnt a lot and hope to go further with comic drawing. Claire’s such an artistic and kind person. I loved this workshop and hope to do it again soon!’ – Freya, Year 8

‘I really enjoyed the workshop and found it inspiring!’ – Lola, Year 8

‘The workshop was amazing! I learnt some new drawing skills and some new French words too!’ – Humaira, Year 8

‘We all appreciated spending time with Claire. It was a lovely experience.’ – Aina, Year 8

‘The workshop was really interesting and made me truly consider a career in comic illustration.’ – Isabelle, Year 9