Bubble Netball Day

“What a great day of ‘Bubble netball!’ All pupils from years 3-11 took part in a bubble netball competition on Friday. It was great to see excellent netball being played and the girls supporting one another so brilliantly.

The winning team for the year 3/4 competition was the Green team, well done to Aliza, Darcy C, Juwairiyah, Nicole, Amber, Diya, Daisy and Brogan. Special mentions must go to Brogan for her excellent movement off of the ball, Poppy and Juwairiyah for their brilliant defending in the circle and Freya and Zara for their unbelievable shooting.

The winning team for the year 5/6 competition was also the green team, well done to Louisianna, Amaya, Ava, Eliza, Alayna, Riana, Manha and Holly. Stand out performances from Ava, Nanaki and Maya for their shooting. Damiana and Georgia for their outstanding defending and Alayna for her fantastic interceptions.

In the year 7/8/9 competition the Light blue team came out on top! Well done to Lily-Ann, Hannah, Maddie, Freya G, Elizabeth, Kristen, Sophie M and Scarlett! Also very well done to the Dark Green team who were the runners up. Outstanding performances from Lily-Ann, Eva and Scarlett- your movement off of the ball and your interceptions were excellent. Top shooters were Humaira, Saara, Amaani, Kristen and Sophie M. Excellent defending in the circle by Evie and Anisa.

In the year 10/11 competition the Light blue team were also victorious! Well done to Zaneta, Samantha, Nell, Tamia, Emilie, Grace and Juliet. Special mentions to Zaneta for her excellent defending and Samantha for her outstanding shooting.

Well done to all of you involved, what an excellent day of netball!”

By Miss Barrett