A Spelling Bee Buzz!

On Friday 12 November KS3 pupils took part in a ‘formal’, House Spelling Bee competition.

All the pupils really enjoyed the activity with many saying it was “fun” and asking “When will the next be taking place?”

The spelling rounds were: Christmas, Technology, Science, Colours, Literary Techniques, Disney Characters, Countries, Coffee Drinks, Music, Animals, Professions, Phobias and Commonly Misspelled Words. There were 20 spellings in each round, which meant some pupils were nominated to go up again to complete another spelling.

It was great to see our pupils in teams, cheering for each other, learning and building confidence, while showing pleasure, excitement and a sense of gratification upon correctly spelling their words (which were all of varying ability – from elves and grey to Pinocchio, arachnophobia and Azerbaijan). The hardest round by far was commonly misspelled words and Fry did amazingly well coping with that round.

The end results are as follows: the scores were really tight with Fry coming 4th with 29, Nightingale in 3rd with 32, Mason in 2nd (by one point!) with 33 and Bronte in 1st place with a massive 47! Well done Bronte house!

All pupils showed a great deal of confidence and tenacity, during the event. Good work!