Hindu Mandir trip – Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

On Tuesday 22 February Year 3 and Year 8 went on an educational trip to learn more about Hindu life, explore the inside of a Hindu mandir and Hindu ceremonies.  At the mandir we were met by volunteer Girish Patel (who we found out was an athlete competing in the Olympics Pole Vault in the 1980).

The volunteers were very welcoming, even though we were a bit earlier than arranged. Mr Patel guided us through the mandir and explained many of the artefacts, especially the different gods and rituals. He also gave us a detailed insight of being a Hindu, explaining their respect of all life including those of animals.

Here are some of the comments the girls made regarding the trip:

‘I liked seeing all the gods in the main shrine. They are beautiful and colourful. I liked that Hindu believers are kind to animals and that there are some animal gods.’ Summer-Rose, Year 3

‘I loved the trip to the mandir because learning about Hinduism is interesting, also the decorations inside the mandir are beautiful. Really pretty. I enjoyed it a lot.’  Sawda – Year 3

‘The Hindu mandir trip was nice because we saw many of the things we learnt about in RS, but we didn’t see a bell!’  Isabelle – Year 3

‘It was very beautiful and decorative. I loved the displays and details of each room.’ Beatrice – Year 8

The trip was fun. It was interesting to see the inside of the mandir and to learn its significance to Hindus.    Amaya – Year 8

I really liked going and finding out what Hindus do and learning about them in more depth. Sophie M – Year 8

‘It was insightful and I learnt a lot.’  Dilly – Year 8