Exciting Trip To The Science Museum

On Friday 4 February Year 1 and 3 visited the Science Museum.

They started the trip with an exciting train ride to London midst pouring rain!  Once there Year 3 class went straight to the IMAX Theatre, to watch ‘A Beautiful Planet’ in 3D, where they watched the world from the unique vantage point of an International Space Station. They could clearly see from the stunning footage how humans impact our beautiful planet.

After the exciting experience, they took their clipboards and went on a search for artefacts that linked in with our Science topics of Forces and Magnets, and Earth and Space.

Here are some of the comments the pupils made regarding the trip:

‘I loved when we saw the movie of Earth and Space in the Imax theatre because it felt like I was in space!’   Summer-Rose, Year 3

‘I enjoyed the Science Museum because the Imax theatre was really cool. It was like I could touch it. I love learning about space.’  Sawda – Year 3

‘I loved going to the Imax theatre and we saw lots of olden day stuff like telephones.’ Isabelle – Year 3

‘This was a great trip because of the Imax theatre and the miniature hospitals. I learnt a lot of new things and I could turn the lights in the hospital on and off!’  Alina – Year 3


‘It was my first time in an Imax theatre. I liked it because I felt like I was part of the image and there in the Space Station.’ Amrita – Year 3