British Science Week

It was officially “British Science Week,” from the 11.03.22 till 20.03.22. This year’s theme was “Growth and Sustainability.” Schools up and down the country were involved in cross curricular Science activities. Pupils at Braeside also celebrated this occasion by participating in various Science activities.


“Kindergarten have been learning about growing as part of their science topic this term. They enjoyed listening to the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk and were very excited to plant their own beans.  They learned that the beans would need water and sunlight to help them grow and they are patiently waiting for the beans to grow into beanstalks.”


Reception Class went out on a Spring Hunt, looking for signs of spring.  They used a Spring Hunt Checklist and found blossom, flower buds, flowers, seedlings, insects, birds, a nest and green leaves. They used their senses. They were very enthusiastic.


Year 1 investigated the 5 senses. They focused on the sense of sight and how they would complete certain tasks without the use of it.


The Year 4’s went out on a trip to Kew Gardens this week where they completed Science linked work on classification and identification of plants and how they grow.


Years 5 and 6 have been investigating reversible and irreversible reactions by conducting ‘coke and mentos’ experiments! They had great fun and luckily no-one got wet!


Year 7’s used quadrats as part of their Ecology topic and were learning about the growth and development of an ecosystem.

Year 8’s studied the differences in the growth of young leaves and mature leaves found on a tree or bush in the Braeside garden. They had to measure the width and the length of each leaf, comment on the colour, texture and any abnormalities that they could observe and then compare both leaves.

Year 10’s studied the development of foetal growth over the different stages of gestation in Biology.

Well done to all the years for taking part in the Science Week and for having so much fun!