The Young Shakespeare Company

Shakespeare Workshop and Performance

The Young Shakespeare Company came to Braeside School on 22nd April to perform ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare to our GCSE students, from Year 9 to Year 11. The actors brought the story to life and it is no wonder why the company has been cited by The Arts Council as an example of excellence in Arts education practice.

They used the students in such a way that everyone got involved, as the actors made the experience immersive and interactive, by asking questions and getting the students to volunteer in being different characters in the play. At first, they took the students through a workshop on acting and context, where the students could relate Shakespeare’s work to themselves and humanity; they then gave a modern, abridged interpretation of the play. They performed for about two hours and both the students and staff really enjoyed the event and experience.

The actors made the play much easier to understand, as Shakespeare is normally quite hard to interpret; everyone, at some point, was laughing or crying. Overall, it was said by all that it was a brilliant educational experience. This event was set up so that we could also celebrate Shakespeare’s 458th birthday and continue to appreciate and understand why Shakespeare is so important to study today – this was definitely achieved.

Mr Bibby

Head of English