Fantastic Entries for The Oak-Tree Challenge Scheme 2022

Many more pupils completed the Oak-Tree Challenges this year compared to last year. More than 40 Braeside pupils initially expressed an interest, with 19 completed entries for the Bronze award and one for the Silver award by the deadline in June 2022.

The Oak-Tree Challenge Scheme was designed to challenge our pupils. They have proved that they went above and beyond, persevered, and successfully completed their challenges with great journal entries and reflections both inside and outside of school. Well done!

We are proud of our winners; the Junior Bronze award was presented to Angel and Louisianna in Year 6; the Senior Bronze award was presented to Eliza and Maya in Year 7 and Amaya, Ava, Kristen, Eva, Dylan, Sareen, Freya, Rosie, Izellah and Sophie in Year 8. Great job!

The Senior Silver award was presented to Angel in Year 6. Angel completed both the Bronze and the Silver awards. Our superstar this year!

A special mention goes out to Sareen for the best reflections; to Dylan for exceptional community service and Maya for the best presentation and write up of her project. Well done!

For their first challenge, the public performance, most of the girls performed in the Braeside House Drama. Some also performed in the School Christmas concert or the Peri concert. Voluntary work carried out included yard sales, litter picking, gardening, looking after grandparents and Senior school librarians. Many prepared and delivered a presentation in small groups to their classes after they had designed a leaflet on various themes including the Queen’s platinum jubilee. Topics chosen for individual presentations were ‘The Sausage Dog’, ‘Vaquita’s’ and women’s football.

Outside of school, Angel performed at ‘The Millfield Theatre’ in ‘Stagecoach’. She also supported younger years at ‘Rainbow’s, a girl guiding group and also wrote about her outdoor pursuits at Lambourne End. Izellah took on the role of youth councillor while Dylan took on her role as ‘Multi-schools ambassador’. Fundraising for Ukrainian refugees is something that both Angel and Eva were passionate about. Well done for making a difference!

Eliza took part in boxing matches as part of a club and Maya wrote about her amazing experience, caring for her neighbour’s pregnant dogs, supporting during puppy birth and puppy-sitting.

The logbooks were completed by all the pupils with excellent details on planning, the challenges, reflections afterwards and lovely photographs.

The pupils were all mentioned on Speech Day and were awarded with Bronze and Silver certificates and lapel badges at the End of Year assemblies to celebrate their achievements. Well done girls!

Mrs Alahi

(Oak Tree Challenge co-ordinator)