An Inspector Calls

To support one of their GCSE English Literature components, our Year 10s and Year 11s (from both Braeside and Normanhurst) were given the opportunity to watch JB Priestley’s ‘An Inspector Calls’ at the New Wimbledon Theatre.

The play remains politically and socially relevant and the contemporary, inventive version of the play was under much scrutiny from our students as they were talking about their understanding of the play and comparing the similarities and differences to the interpretation we watched. This visual experience, from text to stage, gave the students an opportunity to observe, reflect and analyse the text they have been taught and provided further support in understanding stage directions, setting and a plethora of other features the students will need to refer to in their exams.

It was clear that every student benefitted from the event, both academically and leisurely, as the students were laughing, gasping and cheering as the plot’s dramatic moments revealed themselves – It was joyous to hear and watch such interaction form our students. The trip, therefore, was a great success!

Mr Bibby