Year 10 Pupils Get Ready For The Annual Garden Refresh!

Miss Barrett and Mrs Moon took Year 10 to Matthew’s Garden Centre in Epping last week for their annual garden refresh. Pupils were divided into 2 groups and each had a budget to work with (kindly donated by FOBS). Pupils asked the staff what they recommended and what would be easy to look after. They looked at the instructions, level of sunlight, water and soil type to select appropriate plants for the garden.

One group decided that they wanted to make an Early Years vegetable patch and bought tomatoes, cucumbers and peas for the Early Years children to grow. When they got back to school, they organised themselves into teams to plant all of the new plants.

Katie said “I used my calculator on my phone to keep a track of the cost of all the plants”, Humaira said “it was fun to do something for school and be in control of a budget.”