Pupil Spotlight

When did you join Braeside School?

I joined Braeside School in Year 7.

Where do you do your Voluntary work?

I do my Voluntary work at Chigwell Riding Trust for Special needs.

What made you start voluntary work?

I wanted to do voluntary work at Chigwell Riding Trust for Special needs to be able to complete the volunteer section of the DofE. However, for DofE I only had to volunteer an hour a week, but I ended up really like working with the people and the horses so I decided to stay for longer. I started doing a full day (8am to 4:30pm) and after completing my DofE I wanted to keep going.

What does your Voluntary work involve?

My work at the stables involves caring for the horses such as, feeding, grooming, and cleaning their stable. Also, I have to be able to communicate with the people who come to ride at the stables for lessons who may have different disabilities, such as being non-verbal and other additional needs. This means I have to make sure that they can have a positive time by allowing them to feel independent, but also making sure I am there to support them and have conversations with them to encourage them to keep going if they are struggling. This allows them to have a positive attitude to riding as they may feel like it is out of their comfort zone.

How often do you volunteer?

I volunteer every Sunday from 8am to 4:30pm.