Reception Class Learn the Bog Baby Book

Reception children have really enjoyed our class text Bog baby by Jeanne Willis. A book about two little girls who go walking in bluebell wood and rescue a Bog Baby. They make the small creature a beautiful home in a bucket, tickle him and feed him cake crumbs. Despite the girls’ care and attention, the Bog Baby gets sick, so they confide in their mother, who tells them they must let their Bog Baby go back to the wild.

As a class, reception made our own clay bog babies. They made a home for them and wrote some thoughtful instructions on how to take care of them.

Later on, in the week, our class Bog baby escaped causing us to go on a Bog baby hunt. Without any success, Reception notified the rest of the school and made some detailed missing posters. They soon discovered the Bog baby had been exploring the school and having lots of fun.

After he was returned the children thought carefully about what would be best for the Bog baby and together decided it was important to set him free back into the wild so they took him to Buckhurst hill pond and said goodbye to him. The children have been writing him lots of letters since to let him know we miss him lots!