Year 8 Inspirational People trip

Year 8 travelled into London to visit the Radha-Krishna Temple in Soho. Last term they studied Hinduism and it was lovely to see such a beautiful temple and hear all about the religion. They explained the cultural aspects, teachings and philosophies, dancing and dressing, monks life in a temple, arati ceremony and many more topics. We were given delicious cookies to eat with our lunch in Soho park.









Year 8 pupils (after visiting a Hindu temple in Soho) walked to Madam Tussuad’s Museum. The next unit of work in Religious Studies focusses on what makes people an inspiration to others. Pupils considered beauty standards today and how these have changed over time. Pupils were questioning whether beauty is about physical looks or whether it is about kindness. Year 8 had a ‘London Taxi’ ride through the museum to learn about influential people who had an impact on the social, economic and religious fabric of London (and England) as a whole. Pupils learned that in the past, the monarchy was important to Britain in terms of trade and wealth but over time the influence of parliament became more apparent. Pupils also discovered how film and music became more influential from the 1960s. Year 8 questioned the role that organisations such as Marvel and Lucas Film have been a factor in constructing what modern day heroes ‘look’ like. It gave pupils some philosophical questions to consider about power and influence.