UKMT Junior Maths Challenge 2024

On Thursday 25 April, 10 students from Years 7 & 8 took part in this year’s Junior Maths Challenge, run by the UK Mathematics Trust.

Year 7 – Samreen, Elysia, Sarrinah and Amaya

Year 8 – Saffiyah, Jaswitha, Eliza, Amaya, Lilly and Ava

This is a national challenge, similar to the Intermediate Maths Challenge held earlier in the year and also provides an opportunity for students to think and solve problems.

The Challenge involves answering 25 multiple-choice questions in one hour on-line.

We look forward to receiving the results of the challenge in a few weeks.

Congratulations to all who took part!

Here are a few questions for you to try:






If you want to attempt more questions, they are available on the UKMT website at: