The Move to Co-education

There have been some exciting new developments at Braeside School over the past few years, the most recent of which is the introduction of boys from September 2021.

The Move to Co-education

From September 2021, Braeside is becoming a co-educational school, starting at Kindergarten and Reception.

Braeside believe that a co-educational environment is in the best interests of the children and will benefit their learning and development. An important factor is that whole families will be able to become a part of the Braeside experience and educational journey, benefitting from all it offers. The world is changing, and an increasing number of new Braeside parents are indicating that they would prefer an excellent family school that serves their sons as well as their daughters.

Braeside has seen from the other Oak-Tree Schools the impact of socialising in a co-education setting for children from Kindergarten age upwards. As they pass from year group to year group throughout the school, children become used to the co-educational teaching and learning, developing the social interaction skills that prepare them for later life. The working world is co-educational and continues to evolve at great speed. As such, mixing boys and girls together builds life skills as they learn and thrive together as equals.


Bringing the Juniors and Seniors together

It was clear for many years before Braeside joined the Oak-Tree Group, and subsequently following the programme of improvements, that both Braeside sites have scope for increased use.

It was always the ambition of the previous Braeside owners to bring the school together onto one site to allow for more effective continuity and progression through the key stages. Although opportunities have been looked at since 2015 to do the same, it is only recently that it felt like the time is right to do so as part of a well-managed development plan.

In September 2020 all Junior pupils, who were previously taught at the Palmerston Road site, moved up to the Main Site on the High Road with the Senior pupils.

This is exciting for Braeside’s long-term future. The model of the other schools in the Oak-Tree Group is to have all children taught together on the same site, which has brought many benefits for the children. The plans for the Main Site are below so that you can see how the classes are working. The youngest children are taught on the ground floor, closest to the outside play areas, and have their own playground. In addition, there has recently been a programme of classroom reorganisation, refurbishment and redecoration.