Where do pupils go when they have to leave Braeside at 16?

We prepare all of our pupils to go on to further education and the majority study for A levels. Most move to schools in the area to selective independent schools (sometimes with scholarships), to grammar schools or to local state schools and colleges. Over the last three years our pupils have received offers from independent schools including Chigwell, Forest and Bancroft’s. Others apply for grammar schools such as Woodford County High.

Some of our pupils choose a vocational route after successfully completing their GCSEs, including courses specialising in areas such as Interior Design, Media Studies and ICT.

Our pupils are well-prepared for the transition after GCSE. We hold a parents’ evening for parents and pupils in Years 10 and 11 in which we provide advice and information about the application process for different schools and colleges. Mock interviews are held so that pupils can practise their techniques. Scholarship candidates have support for their applications.

You can see the full list of leavers destinations HERE.